Going Green

green_sofa1McGuire Furniture Rental and Sales is going Green.

We are dedicated to preserving the environment and making the green choice

How are we doing this?

1.  We recycle.  We currently recycle all of our Paper Products, Cardboard, Plastic, Aluminum, and Used Batteries.

Why do we do this? Less waste is being sent to landfills and the above products are being repurposed for future use.

2. We are a Drop off Point for old, outdated and/or broken Cell Phones.  These phones are donated to Lydia’s House – a not for profit local charity for battered and abused women and their families.

Why do we do this? By donating these phones, we are making a difference in the lives of those less fortunate than us.  And it is the right thing to do.  Also, less waste is being sent to land fills and the above products are being repurposed for future use.

3.  We use natural cleaning products.

Why do we do this? Less harsh, toxic chemicals are entering the environment.

4.  We are double and triple checking the accuracy of our Deliveries and Pick-Ups.

Why do we do this? By rechecking to make sure that our orders are accurate we get them right the first time, eliminating unnecessary trips in our trucks.  Which means less gasoline and oil are being used, preserving these fossil fuels.  Also, fewer pollutants are entering the environment using these fossil fuels.

5.  We are encouraging others to make Green Choices by sharing what we are doing, promoting awareness and setting a good example.

Why do we do this? Every little bit helps, the choices we are making today, have an impact on our children tomorrow.

McGuire Furniture Rental & Sales is dedicated to making the world a better place for everyone!

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